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American Circuit Technology (ACT), located in Anaheim, CA, is a leading worldwide PCB manufacturer of high-end circuit boards for customers in military, aerospace, medical, automotive, telecommunications and commercial industries. Our US factories are ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C, ITAR, & UL certified.  ACT uses cutting edge processes and technologies to deliver PCBs their unwavering  commitment to quality, reliability, and speed makes them a premier printed circuit board manufacturers in the industry!

ACT Rigid 2

ACT makes Rigid boards with a wide variety of Substrates including FR-2, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Polyimide, Roger, Taconic, Isola, and Aluminum.  Rigid boards can be up to 32 Layers.  They can have Blind, Buried, and plugged vias.  Boards can be up to 22” for Multi-Layer and 45' for 2-layer

ACT Flex

Flex boards are standard fair ACT.  Here are just a sampling of the Flex boards manufactured by ACT.  They boards are made with a variety of base materials.  Flex boards can be designed to adapt to various shapes. 

ACT Rigid Flex

Rigid Flex boards can incorporate the best features of rigid and flex board.  

ACT Speciality Boards

ACT can make  heavy cooper 5oz. internal layers and 15oz. surface.  They also make Metal Core boards for more rigidity and thermal characteristics. The HDI boards, High Density Interconnect boards, is used in Cell phone, UMPC, MP3 Player, PMP, GPS, Memory Card

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