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Earth LCD manufactures Flat Panel Displays, Smart Displays that can Macros to display static and dynamic data.  Touch Screen Kits, and Portable monitors.  Through their Earth Make group, the make  Arduinos with or without integrated touch screens.

Earth Smart Displays

Earth LCD specializes in smart displays for a broad range of applications.  The latest series, the 3XX series, can communicate through serial or USB on the integrated controller.  The USB provides power so no additional power is required.  The interface includes I/O pins as well.  They can be programed using a basic like language.  The developers board adds additional communications and I/O.  Taking that idea one step farther, they have built an integrated Arduino with a touch 3.5” LCD display.

Earth LCD Panels

Flat Panel Displays is Earth LCD’s primary business.  They provide displays in a variety of forms from panel only to fully enclosed and even intelligent controllers.  The panels are available for any level of application, and can be touch or non touch screen displays.  The touchscreens can be single point or multi-touch.  Our latest touch screen is an IP-65 touch screen with Size Aware Multi-Touch.  Enclosures are from simple Bezels to front and/or rear enclosures to fully enclosed with stand.

Earth Accessories

Earth LCD can supply a variety of additional products to extend the capabilities of the display.  these include video controllers, development boards, touchscreen and touchscreen controllers.  They can supply cables for communication, inverters, LVDS, and touchscreens.  They have On Screen Display controller boards, and Arduino Motherboards.

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