Ginko Systems

Ginko Kiosk

Ginko Systems LLC builds Kiosk for the Self Service and Signage industry.  They do custom assemblies and punch and assemble parts from Aluminum to Stainless, and have an on premises paint booth and brake in their metal shop.

All of the Kiosk pictured to the left were built at Ginko’s.  They were designed by Ginko, and the enclosure custom built, punched, bent, welded, and painted at Ginko’s in Dayton Ohio.  They were assembled and wired then fully tested before being shipped.  The two units in the center feature Kohltek Products.

Ginko Electrical Panel

Beyond designing and building Kiosk, Ginko is a UL Approved Panel shop, and builds cable assemblies from cell phone antenna wires to Nuclear Power  control cables.  They offer engraving services for industrial nameplates.

They have the ability to build from your design, or assist you in designing a product that will meet your needs.  From small wall mount pump controllers to large floor mount control cabinets.  They even have a Certified Nuclear Electrician on staff.

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