DFI Tech


DFI Tech produces innovative solutions for the Gaming, Industrial, Signage, Kiosk, and Directional markets. They offer High Reliability for the casino gaming machines, Ruggedness for the factory floor, and performance for the high-end sgnage market.  With a wide range of unique designs, they have products to meet even the most challenging applications.  With DFI you won't need to worry about redesigning or changing your software with revision control and and 3 to 5 years plus life cycle.  With some of the best pricing in the industry, and US based support, DFI should be at the top of your list for reliable computers.

DFI EC-800

Products like the fanless EC800, are ideal for the small spaces where computing power, reliability, and configurability are a major concern.  DFI offers a wide variety of fanless and ultra small footprint systems.


The desktop workstation is ideal for Industrial, Self-Service Kiosk, or a high reliability Medical Application.  These units provide all the features that make DFI computers leaders in their field with a truly functional design.

DFI R100

The R100 series marked a new era in reliable small footprint computing.  These units were the beginning of a line of units that performed and survived in the worst of conditions.  With three fans, and a uniquely ventilated design, these units could be placed in locations that other units died within months, and just forgotten because they just worked and worked.


The open face Panel PC was DFI Tech’s first products introduced nearly 20 years ago.  While others were selling their units for $3500 or more, DFI was sell their product for $1500, and it was a better product.  Today DFI is still a leader in price to performance.  Even with the reduction in the general PC pricing, our market for the Reliable and  Long-life systems has remained relatively constant continuing to give us a price and performance advantage.

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